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graspthesanity asked: Hi! Sorry for asking, where are these The Kills quotes about how Alison arrived in London from? Could you give me a link to the interviews? :) Thanks!


Oh yeah sure ! The quotes are from this interview ;) Hope the link works


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She arrived at the train station with two suitcases that were honestly the size of refrigerators and it was quite funny; the doors opened and she couldn’t get her refrigerators out of the train quick enough and she had to pull the emergency call to stop the train. I don’t know what it’s like here but in England that’s really serious. And that was her arrival, that was like Tadaaaa.

Alison: And then one of the refrigerators fell down the ramp right into the train tracks.

Jamie and Alison about Alison’s arrival in London
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Music with best friend 

Music with best friend 

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"Emotionen machen uns erst schön."
Christiane Felscherinow
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Making my own Angel cards

Making my own Angel cards

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